One Year Anniversary Vacation


There’s nothing better than going away on a grown up only adventure for your one year marriage anniversary. Of course I, camera in hand, documented (with help from my husband) about 500 pictures! Now, most of them ended up being long hallways at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs looking for ghosts!


We had an amazing time browsing shops and meeting the locals. I have to mention (for the 100 millionth time) the AMAZING corn beef and cabbage at the Pied Piper! The cook is an 18 year old young man named Colter (I hope I spelt that correctly.). What an amazing talent! I literally could have died happy at that moment. The waitress even picked it up as a catch phrase to pitch the dish. After two days at the Crescent and enjoying the sights, the town, the food, a ghost tour, and a magic show…it was time to move on!

Before leaving the area we decided to check out a local cave. We went to War Eagle Caverns! My first cave tour was not a disappointment. We had furry little winged friends throughout that were literally frozen! There were marvelous wonders showing how the cave had formed and even some fossils…As Bill Nye would say….”THAT’S SCIENCE!”


Our guide was amazing and so very well informed. We ducked under low ceilings and marveled at the wonders that our Earth has created for us (with a little help and unveiling from people who do the tour). One thing that amazed me that you can see (but not see) in this picture is the magnificent clear water! I couldn’t believe it because it was as clear as glass. Truly a sight to see. I highly recommend this for the whole family but mainly for people with older children who won’t wander off.

Next, we headed for the long drive up to Branson! We stayed at the Seven Gables Inn. It’s just like any other hotel but is very clean and the front desk staff are just little bursts of sunshine and kindness. Off we went to the board walk. This was an amazing place, I just wish I could have had all the shops on one side so we could still see the river…but I digress. We ate at Joe’s Crab Shack…I discovered I’m allergic to seafood (mainly shellfish). Don’t worry…I just get a really irritated pallet and throat. It’s more annoying than anything because I LOVE seafood of all kinds! Ironically enough I’m also allergic so paprika. Go figure! That night we went on the Ghosts of Branson’s Ghost Tour with Dr. Chuck Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy has to be the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in regards to “ghosts.” Believe what you will about ghosts, this man is very convincing with his evidence. My husband and I were the only ones who were there that night so it was a pleasure to spend two and a half hours in the freezing cold exchanging stories and experiences. If you’re into Ghost Tours…This is the man to go see.

Did we capture anything? Not sure yet, but we encountered some interesting things…here’s only one of them. This streak of light wasn’t in any of about ten or so pictures that were taken at the exact same spot.


These are the two slave graves that Dr. Kennedy has said belong to a slave by the name of Nate who apparently frequents many of the good Doctor’s evidence. But enough about ghosts! We eventually had to sleep right?

The next day was our last day. We did a lot of driving. I went to my first Ulta! This was an amazing experience and I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to Sephora. The end of the day before going how was my only disappointment. We went to the Titanic Museum. While it was interesting and fun to explore I was of course very annoyed that I couldn’t take ANY pictures! BOO! Here’s the one I got to commemorate the experience.


So then back home we went! It was an amazing trip. I don’t think I’ve smiled that much, that many consecutive days, in my entire life. I’m so blessed to have such an amazing husband and to get to spend this precious time with him. We got to let our hair down and act our age. We saw many great things and had amazing experiences. I look forward to our next trip.

Any questions about anywhere we went? Just leave them in the comment section and I’d love to share more or give recommendations if you’re considering places we’ve been.

-Ami M. Lee


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