Some Oldies, but Goodies




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Over the last year I have amassed an impressive amount of photographs. Only a few go on to be show pieces. All in all considered I probably have upwards of over five thousand photographs saved to my hard drive. There’s something special about certain pieces. It doesn’t matter if it’s my beautiful children or an amazing piece of nature.

This is my mission. To capture all those gold pure pieces of life with my camera. Yes, storm photography is my favorite but everywhere I go I am taking pictures. What are my goals? My goals are simple really. I would like to save up to buy a professional style camera. The problem is, the one that I am in love with and is used by one of my favorite storm photographers is about $700. My money tree unfortunately didn’t take off last spring. LOL

I love photography and if you’ve seen any of my art you know that I love drawing. I look at my photography as a real life subject of art. I like looking for those odd angles or the interesting perspectives. I don’t mind getting down in the dirt to get the perfect angle. Beauty is all around us and photography has really helped me gain an appreciation for the wonders right outside my door.

I hope you enjoy these oldies. I love them. If anyone were to be interested in buying one of the nature scenes, just ask and I’ll work something up. ^_^ This gal knows how to #werk y’all!

I look forward to bringing you guys more this year and really stepping up and studying professional photography and gaining more experience and hopefully upgrading some equipment. If you have any comments, they are more than welcome in the box below.

-Ami M. Lee, Pure Pieces Photography


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