Storm Season is on the Way!


All of us weather enthusiasts have been warming up with a few storms that have already begun to fire up. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, March through the end of May is considered storm season. It can vary depending on meteorological conditions.

My favorite photography subject is the sky. Sometimes I get lucky and get beautiful textured skies that are barely edited. Then there are others that I play around with editing and try to get a very dramatic piece.


What do I use? This is just my camera phone that is a Droid. While it is the worst indoor camera, it is pretty good for outdoor photos. As I mentioned, I am a novice photographer. Yes, I plan to upgrade to an actual camera eventually. (Buy one of my photographs as a print and you’ll help me reach that goal. <3)


This photo, while not the best quality was an amazing storm from last year. We had sirens going off and I was standing outside the storm shelter for this one. It had amazing winds and you wouldn’t believe the churning. It was almost like boiling water, just rolling and bubbling. I had never seen anything like this.

the sky clouds

For those of you who don’t know me. I actually live in Vilonia, AR a small town that was hit by an EF-4 tornado. No, I didn’t live here at the time. I met and moved here to my husband’s house at the tail end of 2012. Even though it has been a few years, the landscape is still scared by what happened. Trees are still affected and you can tell where the most damage happened. My husband, my step son, and his family all were able to get to shelter but I often hear stories about what happened.


So as the weather gets warmer, I am sure my camera finger will start to get happy. Here is my disclaimer that I am not a trained storm spotter and not a trained storm chaser. I do not chase storms. These are in my area. If you enjoy this type of photography please take the necessary steps to get training before doing storm chases and taking photography.

With storm season drawing near, make sure you have a weather radio. Keep it charged. Have a plan if a storm is tornado warned. Have multiple possibilities. We have two plans, one for if all the family is home and a second one if it’s just me and Nana next door. Something that is very handy for me is having plenty of storm chasers that ARE trained professionals that usually keep an eye on the models and have an idea if there will be severe weather a week in advanced. It may not be accurate but I know that Wednesday and Thursday of this week I need to have the weather bag packed (first aid kit, flash light, water, extra clothes…etc) and to keep an eye on the weather. Also, it gets more accurate with time.

I hope you enjoy a snap shot back to last year. I look forward to sharing many, many more storm photos as the season progresses. I am sending lots of positive thoughts to the brave men and women who get out there and spot these storms or study them scientifically so that we can improve warnings. Thank you to the television and radio meteorologists who work so tirelessly to warn the general population. Also, lots of love for the police officers, EMT’s, first responds, fire fighters and other public personnel that help when emergency’s happen.

-Ami M. Lee, Pure Pieces Photography


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