Photography & My Kiddos

So today there was an interesting post by one of my relatives discussing an issue with people sharing her daughter’s photos on Facebook. I’m sure if you’re like me (and my relative) you want to keep your children as safe as possible. I share my photography of my kiddos because I do not have an established customer base or clients yet (and they’re just too darn cute). However, with that being said there are many things that I keep in mind if I am taking a picture.


This is my beautiful little girl Madison. This picture was taken in my in-law’s back yard. It was sized (cropped) so that you couldn’t see the areas behind her. Things that I try to watch for are landmarks, trees that are easy to find or distinctive in aesthetic, houses…etc. Also, black and white blurs a lot of aspects of what color is really behind her.


This is a good example of a picture that is cute (I mean come on look at that cute little puppy!) but probably isn’t the best to share on a social media page because it shows the front of our house and part of our neighbors house. Don’t worry that I’m sharing this as an example. My husband and I are well equipped to protect ourselves and our house. ^_^

Over the last few years and through some small controversies, I’ve really learned to watch what I share and to figure out what is in the background. I’m not being paranoid, but there are people out there that have sought out people in pictures.

Plus, if you get into photo editing you can create some great pictures and share them knowing that someone won’t randomly show up at your house. It may be more important if your children are older. They get older, boys and girls become interested in each other. This could probably be a good time and reminder to talk to your children about the pictures they post online. I was so upset one day to find out one of my siblings had posted pictures in their school uniforms. We have to live with the fact that bad people exist in the world that have a few screws loose. If anything, make them aware and help them monitor their pictures (as you should be anyways).

So here’s my momma bragging time on my awesome kiddos with some good examples. Or at least what I think are good examples.


All three kiddo’s playing with daddy through the window.


My beautiful baby girl. I took these fall photos outside of our house…Can you tell???


You can see the beautiful fall leaves, the grass is still green…but you don’t see the house, the road, or anything conspicuous to identify where we are. This could be a lovely yard or pasture just about anywhere.


I created this photo collage after our trip to Lake Catherine. Sure, you can know where we went, but these are tight enough in…could you find the exact spot they were at? Maybe… Maybe not… I also try to avoid posting a lot of pictures while we are currently at a place. I’m sure you have heard of the many celebrities that have gotten into sticky situations like this.

So I hope this helps you guys out. The photo editor I use is called Picasa. It was free and it is very easy to use. I’m sure you could Google it and find their website. It’s our jobs as parents to protect our kiddos and even ourselves. I hope this can kind of serve as a heads up to what you can do to protect them and yourselves by monitoring photos for landmarks, school information, and using a photo editor. I may see if in an upcoming post I can take you through the basics I’ve learned since starting this little photo blog adventure of mine.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave me a comment in the comment section below this post.

-Ami M. Lee, Pure Pieces Photography


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