Some words of Encouragement, from me to you!

So some of you guys may not know, but I write another blog called “Journey on the Final Countdown” (it can be found at I write about my journey over the last few years changing my lifestyle and seeking to lose weight and eat better. I want to show my kids all the hard work I have done. And while I haven’t lost any weight and am still seeking out all the puzzle pieces that work right for my puzzle, I stumbled upon something much more profound that I wanted to share here. ME!


The other day while doing my make-up I just felt pretty. Ladies, you may understand that. Guys…You know some days you just feel like you’ve “got it.” There ya go…same thing. But if not, I want to tell you that you are unique. You there, reading this wherever you may be. You are beautiful and are very special. No one in this world is exactly like you. Even twins have their differences.

The one thing that I found most important on my journey is myself. I found a love for myself. Whether I have my glasses on…


Or rockin’ some aviators! \m/


I am beautiful. Sometimes I need a little more help than others. Sometimes make-up just makes me feel “just right.” But there are great things that my body does for me and I take for granted. My body keeps breathing and passing along blood throughout my body when I sleep. I can walk to the store and back pushing two kids (see the other blog for that story). My body can fight colds, and sickness. I am only now at 26 realizing the amazing things it can do to heal itself and really that’s what my journey is all about. So if you’d like to see more about this journey I’ll list all the places you can find this journey below.

I love you guys too! Remember…I may be a photographer, artist, journey bloggers, mom…but I’m also a life cheerleader. If you’re feeling down or you need to be told you’re loved, just re-read this post till you believe it. You’re beautiful and I’m sending you so much love!

-Ami M. Lee, Pure Pieces Photography



Here’s where you can find me! (I don’t allow people to follow my personal Facebook or Instagram.) The Journey on the Final Countdown FB page, Click that Like Button The official blog. Click that follow button. The official YouTube channel. Click that subscribe button.

@AmiLeePhotos My photography (and other stuff) Twitter account.


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