Easter 2013 – Picture Ideas

Easter is next Sunday. While we don’t celebrate Easter, we will probably do an Easter egg hunt at Mamaw’s house like last year. So, I thought I would share some of the pictures. I didn’t have a photo editor last year so these have just been hiding on my hard drive waiting to be shared. I was able to take some mediocre captures to some great pieces that I’d put up or out for people to see. Check them out and get some ideas. I’m rolling around the idea of accepting other people’s edits. If you wanted to send me your pictures, I could edit them and see what I could come up with. For a fee of course, but very little because I am a wiz with this editor I have and it doesn’t take me a very long time. If you’re interested feel free to get in touch.

So here we go! Are you ready for cuteness!?


Big brother Rylan helping baby brother Mark find some eggs.


Markee being the smallest, I followed him around. It was so cute when he found one! He wasn’t even two yet in this picture!Image

Papaw helping Mark find eggs. Can we say, “Awwww!!!”Image

Mhmm…Little monsters getting dirty playing in Mamaw’s rocks.


What am I supposed to do with this thing now? LOL


Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. I can’t believe he was so little.


Rylan and his big bucket of eggs! He may be our middle child but he’s definitely the biggest and fastest.


Hey now Papaw! Gimme dat egg! ❤


We knew from the start that these two were as close as peas and carrots. I still often find pictures of these two partners in crime.


Madison and her pretty pink princess basket.


Say, now I say, hey there….How’d she get all of those eggs? My sneaky little ninja.


Mamaw and all her grandkiddos! Rylan, Mark, Abe (roof, roof), Madeline, and Madison! (Yes it gets confusing with a Maddy and a Madi…LOL)


Mamaw and the boys. Huntin’ for those eggs.


Mark still wasn’t walking that great. It was so funny to see him bend down and reach.


Oh looky there! What a tricky papaw hid it in the grass! LOL

So there you go guys! Those are some of our Easter pictures. They aren’t formal, but we all had so much fun! Yes these pictures have been edited because they are out in front of the house, and our neighbor actually had about 10 cars in their driveway! Just simple cropping and color adjusting makes great memories. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, this can give you some great ideas to capture some of those cute outdoor moments!

If not happy Easter, then happy Sunday! ❤

-Ami M. Lee, Pure Pieces Photography


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