Hello! My name is Ami. I am just your run of the mill, average stay at home mom and wife. You will find out that I have so many passions in life. My dreams? To become a freelance make-up artist and photographer. This blog is dedicated to that dream. I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s in Business Administration then hope to continue my education by taking esthetician classes. It won’t be easy, but it’s for my family that I follow my dreams!



my big beautiful baby girl hey mom what's this

Lake Catherine Trip1

Clouds Roll In_42

You can see my loves above. My beautiful children. My amazing husband isn’t shown, but deserves so much credit for loving me and being the most awesome husband in the world. I know that I truly found my soul mate when I met him. My photography loves however are storms, nature, and my family. I have been in love with storm chasing and meteorology my entire life. I hope to one day follow in the steps of great people like Tim Samaras and Reed Timmer and witness the majesty and raw power of nature. I strive every day to have the love and intensity for my job like they do. ❤


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